Your team of experts

Jochen Schuppener – M.A. Intercultural Studies / Founder and CEO

Involved in cross-cultural human resource development work since 1993 – worked and lived in Thailand, England, China, Costa Rica, USA for 8 years.

It thrills me to discover new pathways and opportunities. I am fascinated by the variety of nature and people and the rhythm of my heartbeat during endurance sports. Gaining clarity – shaping the future: knowing where I’ve been, deciding where I go, developing potential and living unity in diversity. This is what motivates me especially as a coach.

Focus: Executive Coaching, International Team Development, Conflict Management and Mediation, Crisis Debriefing.



Christine Schuppener – Intercultural Coach / Psychological Consultant

Involved in cross-cultural work since 1993 – worked and lived in Thailand, England, China, Costa Rica, USA for 8 years.

Discovering new paths creatively, this is essential for me. Even small changes can have great impact. This is what I experience in my work with families. I like this colourful mix also in my leisure time. Pure nature inspires me just as big cities and new cultures.

Focus: Personal Coaching, Coaching of families, Re-entry Coaching, Skype Coaching on field.





Martin Meyer - M.A. Intercultural Leadership

Born in Tokyo (Japan) – Altogether more than 30 years of experience in Asia

I am excited to get to know people who are different. That makes them so precious for me. I want to understand them by finding a way into their hearts. And I am convinced this is possible.

Focus: Personal Deployment Southeast Asia. Executive Coaching.






Jana Schuppener – B.A. Creative Therapy, M.A. Social Studies

Grown up in England, Thailand and Germany, Studies in the Netherlands and Austria

I am equally excited and challenged by anything new. To see how young people find their personal way in life and to see them gaze into the future with encouragement motivates me.

Focus: Coaching of Third-Culture-Kids, Workshops & Seminars.




Kenneth Paul Dakat – B.A. International Politics

Raised in Nigeria. Involved in international projects since 2008 in Egypt, Albania, Serbia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Having lived in so many cultures around the world, I realize one thing: Little mole hills can become great mountains of confusion without clear cultural and contextual knowledge. That is why I am very excited about bridging the gap between cultures and supporting people to live content among other cultures.

Focus: Intercultural Workshops, Individual Consultations.




Clara Schuppener - M.A. Social Studies

Grown up in England, Thailand and Germany

Taking aspects from different cultures and defining fields and making something new and own out of it fascinates me.

Focus: Administration and Development. Briefing of children




Josefine Fremgen 

I love meeting new people and cultures, travelling and learning about them. Respecting and loving one antoher is what makes us truly human. For me it is a privilege to contribute something, to the process of making people feel supported and inspired on their journey through this world. 

Focus: Communication and Administration.




Harry Hoffmann - M.A. Sinology, B.A. Leadership

Since 1996 in China and Thailand.

I love life at the borders of feasibility, in processes of important changes and in the combining of greater differences. 

Focus: Conflictmediation, Crisismanagement.




Christoph Scharnweber – M.A. East European Studies and Philosophy / Intercultural Coach

Involved in International Development Work since 1991 – 15 years in Romania, Projectmanagement in Bulgaria, Slovenia, and France.

Intercultura relationships can be very enriching but also tiring. I want to support people in making the overseas experience and the return back home as well as the integration of skills a success.

Focus: Debriefing & Reentry Coaching for Individuals and Families, Intercultural Coaching.

Astrid Scharnweber - Licentiate (B.A) Psychology / Advanced Training Pastoral Care & Counselling

Born in Kronstadt (Romania) - involved in International Personal Care Work since 1991.  Ministry projects also in Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia, and France.

Since I was a child I have been excited about cultures and diffent ways of managing life. I have been able in my own life to integrate the values of my home culture in Romania with those of the German society. Supporting people in a similar quest fascinates me.

Focus: Systemic Coaching in an Intercultural Context, Debriefing & Reentry Coaching, Psychological- and Addiction Consultation.